7 Reasons

Why Foresight Publishers is Right For Your Book

Don’t have the time, design or writing skills to publish a book and promote it, too? Don’t worry!


1. We have our system down to a science, typically moving your book from writing to publication in as little as 120 days! And by pairing you with a professional experienced ghostwriter dedicated to capturing your voice, vision and big ideas, you can rest easy knowing your book will be getting the attention it deserves while we stick to an expedient publishing timeline. Foresight is a specialized boutique publisher with over 15-years of marketing and publishing experience.

2. We provide the tools to market you using your professionally and beautifully-designed book as a branding tool to for achieve public exposure. We also offer the production of Audio Book formatting, as well as other promotional tools to help develop a customized marketing plan that meet your specific goals.

3. We automatically upload your book to the world’s largest online distributor of retail and wholesale books, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

4. We help launch your book by writing (and digitally distributing) a press release to over 25,000 media outlets mand bloggers nationwide, for maximum exposure.

5. We put the ball in your court with access to on-demand printing technology. You can print as many books for your personal promotions as you need, whenever you need them—so there’s no need to buy large quantities of books just to store them in your warehouse or garage.

6. We keep our printers primed and ready. After we supply you with the initial inventory of books provided in your all-inclusive package, you can buy and print additional books at wholesale prices.

7. We make sure your book leaves behind a legacy. Our methods of publication and how we execute your digital marketing campaign builds your online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web presence, helping you attract prospects to your website. Your book is both, your business card and pfofessional brochure, all wrapped in one.in one.

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