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We took 42 years of combined education, training, and experience to develop the foundation of our private security firm. 

In just over a decade, Cannon has become one of the leading companies in the private security industry, offering a vast array of signature security services through years of unwavering dedication and support to our clients.


Our Services

Do you need security services today, tomorrow, or next week? Our team has the resources to assist you in protecting yourself, your assets, and your business with a comprehensive range of security services.


VIP Protection

We offer 24/7 close protection for HNW public figures and their families at home or abroad; we leverage agents with special backgrounds, law enforcement, and military training.

Counter Surveillance

Well-suited for clients concerned with being visually and audibly recorded, espionage, eavesdropping, being followed, tailed, shadowed, or compromised.

HOA Security

24/7 physical security, observe and report, access control, emergency response, patrolling, activity and incident reporting, and first responder communication.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Our operatives blend in with company culture to deter and prevent disgruntled or hostile persons from inflicting physical harm, injury, or fatality at the workplace.

Corporate Security

We offer physical security for the corporate environment to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the business.

Active Shooter Training

We offer valuable, complete, comprehensive, and demonstrative programs and systems for large and small companies to handle an active shooter on-site event.

We Always Have Your Back!

Whether you need security for yourself or your business, you can always count on Cannon Security to facilitate yours!

Personal Security Services

We provide trained and experienced security agents to ensure your safety 24/7.

Business Security Services

We offer physical security for the corporate environment to ensure the smooth operation of your business.


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