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Our physical therapists provide preventative care for chronic pain, musculoskeletal injury, general reconditioning, and so forth.

Best Pt Mission

  • Provide quality patient care
  • Promote healing and recovery with compassion
  • Improve patient’s health, wellness, and quality of life

Our Philosophy

  • Serve communities as the leading provider of rehabilitation care in the region
  • Encourage independent living in our patients
  • Revitalize society by optimizing strength, mobility, and balance

Our Belief

  • A top-tier patient care with ongoing accountability for our actions and behaviors.
  • compassionate diagnosis and treatment strategies through empathetic understanding.
  • A professional approach with integrity to demonstrate excellence in our field of work.
  • Professionalism with our promise to provide quality treatment services.
  • Altruism to ensure our patients feel cared for.
  • Promote Advocacy with the social responsibility of delivering optimal physical treatment to every door.
About Us

Begin Your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Our team at QRPT strives to be a dependable source of assistance with chronic pain, musculoskeletal injury, and general reconditioning, to name a few. In this day and age of impersonality and time restrictions, we attempt to provide quality therapy over quantity by devoting more time to patient interaction and always employing a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to improve quality of life.

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Our Diagnosis

The Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants at our clinic are committed to providing clients with hands-on treatment and one-on-one attention.

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What We Do

To improve the movement, quality of life, and health of our patients, we employ the science of healing and the art of caring through:

Trigger Point Dry Needling
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Radial Pulse Therapy
Traction Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
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What Our Clients Say

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Have Patience With All Things.

But First Of All With Yourself

In our clinic, all of our Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistants are dedicated to providing clients with a hands-on approach and 1 on 1 care. We collaborate with the patient to determine goals for rehabilitation, and then provide interventions and therapeutic treatments to maximize your functional outcome.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive evaluation and specific treatments with state of the art facilities. We have highly qualified clinicians with years of experience and various specialties.

Quality Rehab has the knowledge, skill and motivation to get you back to your lifestyle and help you prevent injuries. Come in and experience it for yourself.

We also have 6 private treatment rooms that enhances the patient recovery with full comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) aids in the recovery of patients following surgery, an accident, or an injury. PT can also help when a person’s body is not functioning normally, such as after a heart attack, stroke, or fall, when they are coping with a neurological disorder, or when they are dealing with age and incontinence. When the body changes in a way that affects function and quality of life, physical therapy can assist.

What happens in a therapy session?

The first job that a physical therapist does during the session is educating individuals to uncover what they are doing on a daily basis that can be contributing to their condition. They also assist them on how to correct their postures or move correctly. During a physical therapy session, the therapist will often use hands-on techniques such as joint mobilization for a stiff joint or soft-tissue manipulation to stretch or massage tight muscles.

Can’t I do the exercises at home or is going to the therapist necessary?

Why not? But we as physical therapists are continually reassessing patients and revising their treatment plans based on their progress or regression. This is something you will lose out on if you only practice your exercises at home rather than working with a therapist in the clinic. This might be something that slows and delays progress.

Why is physical therapy taking longer than I expected?

Physical therapy is not a panacea. PT is based on how our anatomy and bodies work. Certain types of tissue in the body require a certain amount of time to mend themselves. If you try to rush the procedure, you may injure yourself again. So physical treatment requires some patience and endurance, and you must stick with the regimen to see results. Physical recuperation occurs in stages, and you must be there throughout the entire program, from start to finish, if you want long-term effects.

How is physical therapy different for elderly people?

Because seniors do not heal as rapidly as younger people due to the aging process, the schedule for healing and recovery will be prolonged. However, we continue to believe that seniors are not a group that should be overlooked. we don’t want someone to remark to me, “You’re 90 years old, who cares?” You examine the individual, their lives, how active they are, and their drive. You may not be as forceful with some of the modalities and workouts for seniors, but you still treat them as if they were anyone else. You just anticipate that their physical recuperation will take longer.

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