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At Flexxology we take a unique approach to fitness and body work options for your healing Journey to begin. Providing both sides of the coin. We aim to help you come to understand how your body is capable of moving and recovering. We’ll meet you where you are and walk with you on a path to better healing and performance. Using the timeless method of Pilates and different modalities of body work made just for you.
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Services We Offer


Pilates Studio

In the early 20th Century Joseph Pilates created a physical fitness system called “Contology” with is the study of controlled movement.

Fascia Stretch Therapy

Fascia Stretch Therapy is a newer less commonly known modality, that is quickly rising to the top of
preferred techniques in the realm of bodywork.

Massage Services

Here we provide Swedish Massage, Deep tissue, Hot Stones and Thai Stretching. Massage Therapy is
wonderful for promoting healthy circulation, muscle recovery, and relaxation.

Pricing Plans

Swedish Massage


30 minutes session

As one of the most popular massage therapies, Swedish massage involves long, soft, kneading strokes and light rhythmic tapping over the muscles. It’s wildly popular for its ability to relieve tension, leaving our clients both energized and relaxed..

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Fascia Stretch Therapy


30 minutes session

Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST) is a movement based, assisted stretching system. Each session is individualized based on the therapist’s assessment and the client’s needs. The technique employs specialized spiral, diagonal and undulating movements that follow a functional path of tension. This allows it to reach areas of the body that are normally left untouched by traditional stretching programs. FST also uses gentle and relaxing traction to open stiff joint capsules, resulting in an immediate and pain free gain in range of motion.

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Private Pilates


55 minutes session

The exercises taught in Private Instruction help you achieve strong lean muscles, a deep strength rooted from your core, and an overall polished-looking physique. It’s all about using the mind to control the body. We’ll show you how.

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We work to ensure our client’s satisfaction. In doing so, we maintain the use of technological advances in an effort to safeguard our reputation in the market.

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