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Methodology Of
Making Money


How to generate emails from people across the world.

Technique To Obtain Cash
On The Web


Basic ways to get your affiliate link out there.

Methodology Of Making Money

Basic ways to sell the program.
Post the video and link to your social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc) be ready to answer DMs.

Technique To Obtain Cash On The Web

Show the program to your friends and family when you see them and see if they would be interested.

Acquire Cash Instantly

Running ads on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. You can purchase ads from any social media company by just looking it up.

Best Approach To Obtain Cash On The Web

Digital business cards, you can be at a busy place like the mall asking people if they want to make money online, and since everyone does they'll say yes, and with one scan from their phone the video with your link will pop up

About Us

The best businesses are the businesses where everyone wins. Grow with this team that loves to teach, learn and give back. This program returns 50% commission on everything earned (unheard from any company) directly to you, and we give 25% back of every sale to a children's hospital around the globe. In the process of you learning how to and making money, we're donating it to people in need around the globe. Join the marketing company built into the product. Help us help you help others.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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You will have your own dashboard to track the number of people who click on your link, the number of people who purchased through your link, and the amount of money made.
25% for direct sales, then it's cut in half for every branch down. So say you sell to someone you get 25% of that, then say they sell to 10 people you get 12.5%. Then those 10 people sell to another 10 you get 6.25% and so on
You're selling the opportunity to make money online.

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