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Step into a World of Humor & Adventure with - "Lord of the Wood"

A tale of humor, adventure, and the search for Bigfoot awaits in "Lord of the Wood". Join the search for Bigfoot in this hilarious and unpredictable adventure.


Discover the Thrill of the Unknown on the Hunt for the Elusive Bigfoot

The fantastical world of Frank Giammanco awaits, where nothing is as it seems. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat with continuous thrill and fun-filled mystery.


"Lord of the Wood" – A Humorous Fantasy Novel By Frank Giammanco

Frank Giammanco's "Lord of the Wood" is an intriguing adventure story that you won't be able to put down. Be prepared for a page-turning thrill ride as you unleash the mysteries of Bigfoot in this exciting quest.

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About The Author

Frank Giammanco is an author and a business consultant living in northern New Jersey. He went to West Babylon High School and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Fordham University. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Frank Giammanco  honed his skills in the publishing industry with roles in editorial, sales, and management. As a consultant, he brings his expertise in business planning, marketing, social media, and content development to clients. Frank Giammanco blends his publishing industry experience with his writing talent to publish his first-ever fantasy and fiction masterpiece, “Lord of the Wood,” which takes the readers on a thrilling quest to search for Bigfoot.

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About The Book

Lord of the Wood

Two Groups, One Goal: Finding Bigfoot. What Could Go Wrong?

“Lord of the Wood” by Frank Giammanco is a wacky, fast-paced fantasy novel centered around two groups – one on a quest to prove Bigfoot’s existence and the other to make a blockbuster documentary on Bigfoot. The protagonist, Sonny Bursa, has convinced a team, including his best friend, a Native American guide, and his ex-wife and her new love interest, to join him in the search in the Cascade Range in Oregon. Meanwhile, the other group is on the same hunt with their video cameras. They don’t know that Bigfoot is a master at tormenting those who search for him and is not easily found. This humorous, intriguing, and entertaining read will take you to a world of adventure.

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