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Fadi Zanayed is an author, poet, community activist and an attorney since 1985. A graduate from Loyola University with a B.S. in Managerial Accounting and a minor in Political Science in 1983, he received his law degree from Loyola School of Law in 1985. A Palestinian American whose family originates from Ramallah, Palestine, Fadi Zanayed is an active and proud member of the Arab American community with a long history of community leadership and service. They include: Founding Member of Arab-American Bar Association of Illinois, Inc.; Former Regional Director & Past President, Chicago Chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; Past President of the Chicago Chapter of the Palestinian American Congress; Past National Secretary of the Palestinian American Congress; Past President of the Chicago Club of Ramallah, Palestine; Past Member of the Board of the American Federation of Ramallah, Palestine; Past President of the American Youth Federation of Ramallah, Palestine.

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About The Book

Observations of Israel’s Aparthrid System

Observations of ISRAEL’S APARTHEID SYSTEM, is an informative book about how Israel subjugates the Palestinians through its occupation, apartheid and colonization. All aspects of what Palestinians must endure in their daily lives is observed–from discriminatory practices regarding water distribution, electricity manipulation, land confiscations, building permit frustrations, educational intrusions, identity manipulations, license plate restrictions, travel limitations, silencing of Palestinian’s aspirations, and unequal criminal justice applications. The lack of a defined Israeli border in relation to the Apartheid Wall is analyzed. The complicity of the United States and Western Countries is explained while criticism is hurled at both Palestinians and Israelis for the causes of the Israeli apartheid conditions. Overall, the book aims to provide a comprehensive observation of Israel’s system of apartheid against the Palestinians.


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