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  • Simple Kitchen Butter Powder 3 CT Case – 204 serving Cans -NEW (coming June 2022)

  • Simple Kitchen FD Sliced Strawberries 3 CT Case – 18 Serving Cans -NEW (coming June 2022)

  • Simple Kitchen Banana Chips 3 CT Case – 22 Serving Cans -NEW (coming June 2022)

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Stop By Our Unique One-Stop Shop For All Your Disaster Supplies.

At Lorem ipsum, it is our mission to bring peace of mind to our consumers by offering high-quality food and gear at a reasonable price to help them prepare for planned and unforeseen events in life. Through the lens of our consumers, we will relentlessly pursue solutions to help them be prepared, as well as provide them with educational tips on how to gain peace of mind through a prepared lifestyle.

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We’ve built our name around gathering the finest gear from our store in the Emergency Preparedness at survival world.

  • Powdered Eggs (In a Bucket)- 144 Total Servings

  • 360 Serving Freeze Dried Coffee Bucket -NEW

  • 60 Serving Whey Chocolate Milk Bucket

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Our Latest Blog

Our blog on how to prepare for emergencies big or small and will provide you with the information needed to live life off the grid should society ever collapse.

5 Things You Need to
Stockpile Immediately

The coronavirus pandemic showed us how underprepared we have all been for emergencies. Now that the pandemic is ending after two long years, it can be a good time to invest some time and money to prepare for future emergencies.

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Why it’s a Good Idea to
Purchase Long Term Food

The global events and the climate change effects in the past two decades have jolted awake many citizens from their dependence on the system. People are preparing for the worst in different ways, from building off-the-grid homes to starting community gardens. One of these ways is purchasing and storing long term food.

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