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Angel L. Martinez Perez

Angel Martinez, an ordained chaplain, minister, and servant of God, was born in Puerto Rico in 1943. However, destiny took a turn, and at the young age of 17 years, he had to work hard in the streets of New York, which got him low pay, inspiring in him an ardent zeal and unbridled motivation.

His endeavours later got him into the US Army, which provided him. However, he soon realized that he did not want to fight against poor people who had not done anything wrong. He capitalized on this mishap and with an honourable discharge and the G.I. Bill on his side – began working out his path, studied hard, and sought out God for a helping hand. Through this, he managed to survive, and thereupon God has been a light unto his path.

“Nothing is impossible for you with God at your side, but you must have what it takes to make it happen! Otherwise, another notch of failure will be posted on the record of your actions.”

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